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Tarek Osman - TO at Global. Lecture in Amsterdam
Tarek Osman is an author, essayist, and broadcaster focused on the Arab and Islamic worlds.

He is the author of  “Islamism” and the international bestseller “Egypt on the Brink”  (Yale, 2010 – the first edition was published weeks before Egypt’s 2011 uprising).

Tarek wrote and presented several BBC documentary series: “The Making of the Modern Arab World”, “Islam Divided: Sunni-Shii”, “Sands of Time: A History of Saudi Arabia”, “Gertrude Bell” (in the Minds at War series), and “Stirring a Revolution: Coffee Culture in the Arab World”.

He is a regular contributor on the Arab and Islamic worlds for leading newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Tarek is the senior political counsellor for the Arab world at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD). He advises the Board of Directors (representing over 65-countries) and senior management on the region’s geo-politics and political-economy, and on the dynamics and challenges of political and economic reform.

He has 18-years experience researching Arab history and societies. He has worked in political-economy advisory, strategy consulting, and private equity.

He studied at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.


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